5 Reasons Why I Succeeded In Recovering From Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction

I'm free

I’m free! I haven’t used porn since April, 2011. That’s two years now that I’ve been completely free from a crippling ED-causing porn addiction.

I think there are two main reasons I have been successful:

1. I eliminated habit triggers as much as possible.

2. From the start, I had a game plan for contingencies.

Here are 5 concrete tips for how I accomplished this:

1. I replaced the porn habit.

Many guys try to quit porn cold-turkey and find it near impossible.  What many success stories have in common is that they replaced the habit with something else. This means when I got a craving to use porn, I would immediately start my contingency habit – in my case, a seven minute custom workout routine – I call it The Fapstronaut workout (catchy, no?).  At it’s most basic, it was simply 20 push ups followed by 30 sit ups. As the cravings became more and more sporadic (and I became fitter!), it turned into a longer/more fun workout (I’ll share it in an upcoming post).

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