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I’m Brian Parks, creator of The Reboot Blueprint. If you have a problem related to performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction or porn use, this page is for you. It contains all the information you’ll need to get up to speed and start the healing process.


What you can expect

I have personally overcome all of these problems (porn addiction, performance anxiety, ED) and have helped many other guys do the same.

But you should know that there are no magic bullets when it comes to overcoming these obstacles. Any website that claims that recovery will be quick, easy and painless is probably trying to sell you snake oil.

In reality, it will take time. But the good news is, it’s 100% possible. I am proof of that, and so are many other guys I’ve coached. The important thing is to follow a path that successful guys have found through trial and error.  With this website, I want to show you that path to success.

Below are some articles that will get you on track with the healing process.


Sexual Performance Anxiety

Brian’s Story: How I Overcame ED caused by Performance Anxiety

The Most Important Tool for Overcoming Performance Anxiety

The Complete Guide to Performance Anxiety


Porn Addiction

How To Overcome A Porn Addiction: Advice From 10 Influential Sex Health Writers

7 Healthy Habit Ideas to Replace Your Porn Habit


Porn-Induced ED

Brian’s Success Story

Reboot Success Stories: Full Erections After 3 Months No PMO

5 Reasons Why I Succeeded In Overcoming PIED

3 Myths The Mainstream Media Tells Us About Porn-Induced ED

I’ve also created a reboot system designed to help take you from wherever you are now, to having great sex again, step-by-step.  I interviewed over 150 guys about their experiences overcoming porn addiction and PIED to learn the best strategies for success, and the reasons why some guys are still struggling.

I put all this information into a course called The Reboot Blueprint Method: Overcome Porn-Induced ED.

Read more about the program here.


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