Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction: A Complete Guide


A growing 21st century problem for many young men

Porn-induced ED is no longer a myth. People all over the world are starting to realize just how toxic a porn addiction can be and it’s hitting a certain group of men harder than others.

It’s no joke: porn induced sexual dysfunction is on the rise and those most at risk are young men. Millennials are being severely affected by their porn addictions and their recovery rates are significantly lower on average than those of middle-aged or older men. That’s not to say that the older generations are home-free of the same devastating problems caused by too much internet porn. Rather, it’s that older men with a history of healthy sex are often recovering much faster from their porn-induced sexual dysfunction.

To get a better picture of the problem at hand and for those of you who are only just learning about the problem of PIED, we’ll start at the beginning.

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Covenant Eyes Review: The Best Internet Porn Filtering Software or Waste of Money?

Covenant Eyes Review

First Things First: Do I Even Need A Porn Website Blocker?

Over the past few years running this site, I’ve received thousands of emails and blog comments from guys who are still struggling with porn addiction, as well as hundreds who have managed to overcome it and completely turn around their life.

What’s the difference between the successful group and the struggling group?

The difference is in their mindset, strategy and planning.

And part of that planning for success includes choosing the right web filtering software. Web filtering, while not a CURE, is an essential TOOL in your quitting toolbox.

Having a good porn filter in place can mean the difference between a tough day at work turning into either a spontaneous healthy workout (see replacement habits LINK) or a marathon porn relapse.

Here I’ll review the pros and cons of one of the most popular internet porn filter/accountability software out there: Covenant Eyes.

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Porn-Induced ED is Gone and I Feel Like a New Person: An Interview With Noah BE Church

Noah BE Church speaking at a Mystery Box event

Why did you decide to quit porn? Was there something that triggered it?

I used porn from age 9. Unlike some other boys, nobody exposed me to it, nor was it an accident—I was a horny little kid and sought it out. My use really took off when I was 12 or 13 and got a computer with Internet access in my own room. I escalated quickly to some fairly heinous and socially unacceptable content by age 14. I talked to no one about this. For most of my teenage years, instead of taking risks and putting myself out there to form real connections with real women, I turned to the easy fix of porn and dreamed of the day when I would have real sex. When I was 18 that day came, the culmination of years of hope and expectation. And my dick simply did not work. I felt little to no physical arousal, despite finding my girlfriend at the time very attractive. No matter how many times we tried over the next few months, I was completely incapable of real sex, and I had no idea why.Continue Reading

More PIED and PMO Reboot Success Stories


“My 365 days of porn freedom” by PL

September 15, 2015 will be a year since I masturbated to porn (PMO). The journey was not easy and painful at some points; however the rewards gained through abstaining from porn are life changing.


I have been watching porn since I was age 12, I am currently age 32. My father gave me my first porn magazine at 13; however I did not start masturbating until age 14. Seriously age 14 is when I started PMO. I grow up with my grandmother being really religious and saying sex is a sin. The thing is I would watch porn at age 12-14 on the Playboy and Spice channel; my family had the box with all the channels.

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Reboot Success Story: “You Are A Human Being, Not An ‘Addict'”

“Commitment, Consistency and Method.”  In this reboot success story, Giuliano shares his thoughts on quitting porn. It’s a long, raw and challenging read, but I promise you if you stick with it there are plenty of ‘lightbulb moments’ that will change the way you think.

This story won 1st place in the 2015 Reboot Success Story Contest


This is going to long. I warned you. And it’s also going to be uncomfortable, even painful and scary. Hope is scary. And one of the main reasons people struggle with addiction is because they are scared of what’s inside themselves.

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Reboot Success Story: Learning To Use The Self Properly

In this reboot success story, Dominic shares how the “three-headed Hydra of sugar, video-games and porn” slowly destroyed his life — and his subsequent journey to reclaim it.

This story won 2nd place in the 2015 Reboot Success Story Contest hosted by Reboot Blueprint.


Game Addict

I have used porn since the very inception of my sexual awakening in adolescence. My birth-date is 1989, so the internet was really coming of age at around the time I started to get those first chronic erections that just won’t go away. What’s a shy and embarrassed 13-year-old attending a Victorian-era all-boys school to do in that situation? Shut myself away at the computer at every opportunity.
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Reboot Success Story: 51 Years Old When I Discovered NoFap

In this inspiring reboot success story, Fercho shares how he woke up to how serious his porn addiction was, and the strategies that helped him overcome it.  This story won 3rd place in the 2015 Reboot Success Story Contest hosted by Reboot Blueprint.



I am 51 years old. I started having fantasies with boys from school when I was 11, I understand now that this was because I was bullied at school and was not “popular”: I was shorter, fatter, used glasses, and did not know how to play soccer (very important to be popular if you are a boy in Argentina). I started fapping fantasizing with these boys.

I changed completely when I was a teenager: I grew up, got a girlfriend and became very popular in my social environment. Nevertheless, I “kept” my secret gay fantasies inside my brain.

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How Do I Know When I’m Back To Normal? (Rebooting from Porn-Induced ED)

addiction computer

When you start your reboot, the two biggest questions you likely have are: “how long will my reboot take?” and “how will I know when I’m fixed?” The fact is that there is no rock-solid answer to this – at least not yet. That’s because each person’s experience is unique. Each person’s reboot starts off with a different set of goals and timeframes. For many who are suffering porn-induced ED, the “back to normal” goal will be when they can successfully have an erection WITHOUT the aid of porn and enjoy sex with a partner. For others, it may go even deeper.Continue Reading

How To Quit Porn? Here Are 5 Videos To Get You Started

There’s plenty of great information out there to help you quit porn or overcome porn-induced ED, but it can get lost in the signal-to-noise ration of the web. So here’s a list of 5 videos with great info to help you.

**Important Note: I recommend watching these videos on this page, as the suggested videos in the sidebar on YouTube can trigger a relapse.

1.  #NoWanks: Quitting Porn and masturbation has changed my life

This blunt and humorous video by Gavin McInnis on the Rebel Media YouTube channel highlights the many reasons why too much porn and masturbation can be harmful. It’s a must watch and shares some interesting perspective. McInnis is a Generation X man himself who lays out the facts in a brilliant, no-nonsense way for just about anyone to understand.

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