7 Healthy Habit Ideas To Replace Your Porn Craving


“What should I do when I get the urge to use porn?”

If you don’t have an answer to this question, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Going “cold turkey” only works for so long. You need to have a strategy.

As I wrote about before, one of the reasons guys are successful at overcoming their porn addiction is by replacing the habit with another habit.  Also, because the PMO (porn-masturbation-orgasm) habit is physical, your replacement habit should also be physical.

Below are 7 healthy habit ideas to replace the porn habit. I recommend testing a few of these habits to see what works best for you.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Recovering Porn Addicts:

1. A short exercise routine.

I personally use this replacement habit.  When I feel the urge to use porn, I immediately start my custom “craving-crushing” workout plan.  When I started out, it was just 20 push-ups and 30 sit-ups (it did the job!) and now it’s grown to 7 minutes and is bit more involved. I’m writing a post on this right now, so look for it soon.

2. Meditation.

Find a quiet spot and meditate for 5 – 10 minutes. There are many different way to meditate.  For me, I count each complete breath: Inhale slowly, exhale slowly – one. Inhale slowly, exhale slowly – two.   People report a ton of benefits from meditating regularly, including decreased anxiety, lower stress and increased focus.

Tyler of Real Social Dynamics created a great introduction to meditation video that answers a lot of questions you might have:

And here’s another great article on Tiny Buddha:  http://tinybuddha.com/blog/mindfulness-peace-blog/5-meditation-myths-and-the-benefits-of-starting-today/

More benefits:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/08/mindfulness-meditation-benefits-health_n_3016045.html

3.  Yoga.

Take a few days to learn by heart a simple yoga routine.  For example, the sun salutation routine.  Yoga improves flexibility, strength, concentration, blood-flow… all good things to help you on your journey.  Note: youtube videos of yoga might lead to relapse. For straight guys, I’d recommend videos featuring a male teacher.

Here’s Rodney Yee’s version of the sun salutation:

4.  Pilates.

Similar to yoga (and with comparable benefits), but with more focus on building core strength (abdominals). Want those six pack abs?  This will help:

5. Running.

Personally, I would rather tattoo my eyelids than run a mile, but hey, it works for some people. When you get the urge, immediately lace up and go for a quick, 5-10 minute run.

Why some people love to run:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/the-running-blog/2013/feb/05/why-we-love-to-run

6. Progressive relaxation exercises.

These are also great help for overcoming a common related problem, performance anxiety.

7. Tai Chi.

I took classes in this a few years back and loved it.  It’s very relaxing and really forces you to pay attention to your breath and body movements. After you learn the forms, you can do them on your own or along to a video.

Ok. So there’s 7 habits to test out.

Remember: Experiment. 

After experiencing a craving and using one of the habits below, afterwards ask yourself:  Did it work? Do I still feel the urge to use porn? Is the urge less than before?

Find which habit works best for you.  Everybody will have different results.  The point is to find what best helps you to replace the PMO habit within the habit chain.

On the topic of classes:

For many of these items on the list, you may not know where or how to start. For Yoga, Pilates, or Tai Chi, I highly recommend joining a class to learn the exercises.

There are many reasons why joining a class will help you with your recovery:

-You will get direct feedback from an instructor while learning the proper forms and postures.

-It will get you out of the house (and away from the computer!)

-It will help keep you busy (a major reason for relapse is boredom!)

-You will meet new people and have real-life interactions. 

-It will push you outside your comfort zone.  Most guys aren’t comfortable with the idea of taking a Yoga class. By stepping out of your usual patterns, you’re giving yourself a chance to grow even more.

-You will meet potential partners.  One of the nice things about Yoga and Pilates classes are that they are usually mostly women. And those women are usually fit, healthy and interested in self-development. Many serious and casual relationships I’ve been in have been with women I’ve met in Yoga or Pilates classes.

-It will exercise your willpower muscle.  It’s difficult to go to class once a week, let alone 2 or more times per week.  See how many classes you can go without skipping and improve your self-discipline.



I commissioned a professionally recorded mp3 to help guys who have cravings for porn.

It’s called “The Craving Crusher”.  Yeah, cheesy. I know.  🙂

You can download it here for free:

Craving Crusher mp3


Have other ideas for healthy replacement habits?  Please share them in the comments below! 

About Brian

Brian overcame a long-standing addiction to Internet porn and fully recovered from serious porn-induced erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety. For more about Brian, see my story.


  1. someone has skype add me i need help with this P! roneil500 its affecting my life with my family and i am trying to quit but its come back to me after 2weeks i get the urge of i will tell you more about my P-word addiction

  2. Hey Brian, I don’t know if you remember me but I commented about my situation about 6 or 7 months ago. Well, bad news. I’ve continued the malicious cycle of reboot and relapse and it has been absolutely devastating. I don’t know what to do anymore, I feel really trapped. No matter how motivated I feel to do this thing, sooner or later something snaps and the urge gets to strong and relaps again.
    I’m so miserable afterwards, and it’s becoming worse now that I don’t even have hope anymore. I am coming to my wit’s end. I have tried desperately for the last 9 months, and have never made it past 28 days
    I have prob 5 or 6 reboot attempts in the 20-25 day range.
    I really wish I was you man, because my worst nightmare is coming true. My only option to regain a quality life is reboot; yet that is the one thing I cannot do.
    Felt the need to share this as I just relapsed after a pathetic 4 day effort and feel absolutely demoralized.
    Sorry to burden you

    • Hi Dylon,

      Thanks for keeping us updated. I’m sorry to hear that you’re not having much success.

      The important thing is to not give up. What I would like you to do is to analyze and look closely at the times you relapsed. What were you doing when you gave in? How were you feeling? What was it that triggered your urges? Answering these questions will help you prepare for your next reboot.

      Also, I want to ask: what is your replacement habit? It may be that your replacement habit is not working for you.
      Remember: A setback is not failure. Failure is only when you give up completely.

      You CAN beat this. But you have to want it AND have the strategies and plans in place to deal with urges when they come.

      Best of luck! Keep us posted.

      • Pray. Study the Bible. That’s your only hope. “Who the Son of man has set free is free indeed”. Like me you will fail over and over again. Its the main reason why I’m the least successful among my friend and am so tired for being a failure. That why this time am getting it right. I thing for sure is if I don’t masturbate I will not die plus I surrendered every to Jesus. I have never felt stronger in my life.

  3. Hi everyone. First of all I want to give a huge thank you to Brian. I am.only 4 days into the reboot, but I can already see that you have put a bunch of time.into helping others.

    I have a suggestion to go along with the replacement habit, I give £5 into charity every time I commit to PMO. If you commit to giving a sum into charity like me you may just think before you watch any P if you can afford to financially or not. And obviously the more you do it the more money you’ll have to give….

  4. How about playing a game!?

  5. wow! I’m really so glad that brain is doing a lot of hiluminating on this very predicament ”p.m.o” . This is one very issue that our efforts needed to be invested into.
    having say that, p.m.o has done a lot of demoralization to people’s thinking , way of life and as well their relationship with their spouse , this is one issue that we shouldn’t be reluctant with , for it is a strategy device by the devil , advertise by is agents and embraced by helpless humans like me and you . However, if anyone hopes or wishes in putting an end to this critical addiction. First and for most, one need to be mutual with the ways of Jesus Christ and as well embrace the various explicit healthy replacement been mentioned before now by brain, for it is said “” faith without no work is dead!

    Can only be aborted if truly we’re enthusiastic
    To do so

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