50 Reasons To Quit Porn For Good

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I once read an article on why porn is great for your relationship…  While that’s a nice fantasy, the reality is quite the opposite!

And if you’re reading this article, you have likely discovered that not only is porn possibly harming your relationship, it’s terrible for your self-esteem too.

I’ve got 50 good reasons for you to take a stand against your porn habit and to become a better, happier and more fulfilled man, in every way.

So without further ado, here are…

50 Reasons To Quit Porn:

1.  Prevent erectile dysfunction

ED is a serious debilitating condition in men. Frequent masturbation and hard porn habits have been found to induce a physiological state that affects the brain in such a way that it hinders intimate sexual performance that even Viagra can’t remedy. This becomes a psychological conditioning which takes its toll and can create performance anxiety problems down the line. The best solution is to quit porn and let your brain return to normality – we call this “rewiring”.

2Restore your sexual energy

If you’re busy doing the do often in the day, you’re not going to have energy for much else, including sexual intimacy with a partner.

You may have already experienced a lack of drive, and possibly the effects it has on you and your partner. Reclaiming that energy can be exhilarating.

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The Effects of Internet Porn on Male Sexual Performance

Porn Keyboard

This is a guest post by Larry O’Connor, a Marriage and Family Therapist with offices in San Fransisco and Palo Alto. Many men view internet porn sites, but for some there are risks: becoming habituated, seeking more explicit material, diminishing their ability to connect with partners, achieve arousal, and maintain an erection. Whether or not [...]

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What is NoFap? A Brief History, Explanation and Benefits


Porn can really ‘bust your balls’, excuse the harsh words. Something that was once considered a normal, private activity is now being noted by scientists, with studies being devoted to learning more about what a porn habit or addiction really means for your body, mind, and intimate relationships. There are plenty of people still divided [...]

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How The Simple Habit Of Exercise Can Help You Overcome Porn Addiction

Man Exercising Push-Up

The following is a guest post by my friend Mark B. — Brian. I have been there; I write from the heart and write from my own experience. I once had an addiction to porn. It wasn’t what I thought was massive, but no matter how small you see how big it actually is. So don’t [...]

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Is Porn Ruining My Relationship?

Porn Can Hurt Your Relationship

When you’re addicted to porn, you’re in another reality. Things around you may seem all hunky dory but in fact they are far from the perceived reality. Porn hurts. Fact. “Is porn hurting my relationship?” Porn doesn’t only hurt it can destroy any and all relationships: relationships between addict and child, addict and friends, addict [...]

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What I Learned Going 230 Days Without Porn


**This is a guest post from a reader named Dylan, who went 230 days without porn. — Brian ## Let me be real with you: doing things we don’t want to do sucks. And doing things that are painful…that’s even worse. So, why bother? It would be very easy to shower you with platitudes and [...]

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Start Overcoming Your Performance Anxiety Today (Plus: A Woman’s Perspective)

Performance Anxiety

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5 More Books To Help You Quit Porn And Make You A Better Man


A while back I wrote a post called 5 Books That Will Supercharge Your Reboot and Make You a Better Man, which received a ton of great feedback. Many of you read the books and reported some real, positive changes: “Understanding the habit loop really helped me to remove destructive routines from my life.”  –John [...]

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The 3 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You’re Still Addicted to Porn


Have you been struggling with porn addiction for more than a year? I want to tell you EXACTLY why you’re failing, so you can pick yourself up and overcome this. What I say below might sound harsh at times, but it needs to be. This is a wakeup call, and wakeup calls are not meant [...]

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