The Most Important Tool to Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety

performance anxiety

I get a lot of emails asking about how I overcame sexual performance anxiety. And recently I’ve found a few things that have helped guys that I’ve been coaching and working with, so I want to share it.

First off, let’s figure out if it’s actually performance anxiety that we’re dealing with.

How do I know if I have performance anxiety?

A lot of guys out there think that they are dealing with porn-induced ED, when in fact they are dealing with sexual performance anxiety.

Here is a test that you can do to find out:

1. Do you have trouble getting an erection when you’re alone with a woman, but you can get an erection by touching yourself (without porn) in the comfort of your home?

2. Do you sometimes lose your erection when you’re with a woman – especially when it’s your first or second time with her?

3. Do you find yourself worried about whether you’ll be able to get an erection when the time comes?

4. Do you avoid sexual encounters because you worry that you might not be able to perform?

If you answered ‘yes’ to some or all of these questions, then you likely are suffering from sexual performance anxiety.

(Note: With porn-induced ED, the erections you get by yourself without porn just aren’t as strong as the erections with porn.  Or in extreme cases, you can’t get an erection at all without porn.)

Now let me ask you this:

Do you wish you could have great sex every time, and not have to worry?

Do you wish that you could freely have one-night stands without having to worry about whether your penis would work or not?

Do you wish that you weren’t dealing with this?

I’ll tell you. I feel for you, because I’ve been there.  But I’ll also say that it is 100% possible to overcome this.  I did it, and you can too.

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Quit Porn

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Partner of a Porn Addict

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stop watch

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