5 More Books To Help You Quit Porn And Make You A Better Man


A while back I wrote a post called 5 Books That Will Supercharge Your Reboot and Make You a Better Man, which received a ton of great feedback.

Many of you read the books and reported some real, positive changes:

“Understanding the habit loop really helped me to remove destructive routines from my life.”  –John

“I created my own Miracle Morning routine and I find I have so much more energy to fight my porn addiction.” – Anonymous

So I thought I’d add to the list MORE books that helped me get where I am today – completely recovered from porn-induced ED and performance anxiety.


“Reboot” Your Life

Is it really just porn that you’re struggling with?

For many of us, porn addiction is just a symptom of a deeper existential crisis. A lack of CONTROL in our lives.

A different way to look at this challenge is not just about overcoming your porn addiction, but as an OPPORTUNITY to make big, lasting changes in your life.

Getting fit, finding new hobbies, becoming more social, finding a lifelong partner…  These are some of the great things that can happen – IF you get serious and work on improving yourself.

The books listed below are the best place I know to start.


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The 3 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You’re Still Addicted to Porn


Have you been struggling with porn addiction for more than a year? I want to tell you EXACTLY why you’re failing, so you can pick yourself up and overcome this. What I say below might sound harsh at times, but it needs to be. This is a wakeup call, and wakeup calls are not meant [...]

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Lessons from Rock Bottom: Case Studies and Inspiration to Rise Above Porn Addiction


This is a post by friend and blogger Max Cato from PornEnlightenment.com   So Why Are People Quitting Porn? The popularity of quitting porn has exploded all over the Internet. As of this posting, Reddit/r/NoFap has over 146K+ members, Reddit/r/pornfree has over 20K readers, I have over 400 followers on Google+, and the number of [...]

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Can Viagra and Cialis Help with Performance Anxiety? A Case Study, Advice and Alternatives


“I have performance anxiety. Should I take Viagra or Cialis to help my erections? I get this question a lot in blog comments and emails.  My own opinions on this are mixed. People always want a magic bullet or an easy fix — which is why Viagra and Cialis are such huge cash cows.  But [...]

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“How long will my reboot take?”

How Long Will It Take

“I have Porn induced ED. How long will my reboot take?” This is maybe the most common question I get in emails and blog comments. And I understand why:  you want to know what to expect. While some guys with mild cases of porn-induced ED can reboot within 3-6 weeks of no PMO (no porn, [...]

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How to Masturbate Correctly, Part 1: You’re Probably Doing it Wrong


This is part one of a two-part series about healthy masturbation, an important topic that doesn’t get nearly enough attention. A Short History of Masturbation Before the internet age, masturbation was something that had stayed essentially the same for the preceding 100 years. But the advent of high-speed internet access and essentially unlimited, free porn, [...]

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Sexual Performance Anxiety: The Complete Guide With 15 Actionable Tips

performance anxiety

Performance Anxiety Most guys will experience a period of ED from performance anxiety in their lives. For some guys, it will be a short phase, maybe it happens a few times and then as he gets his confidence back, and for others it can be a crippling cycle of shame, worry and completely avoiding sex. [...]

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The Most Important Tool to Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety

performance anxiety

I get a lot of emails asking about how I overcame sexual performance anxiety. And recently I’ve found a few things that have helped guys that I’ve been coaching and working with, so I want to share it. First off, let’s figure out if it’s actually performance anxiety that we’re dealing with. How do I [...]

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This Secret Will Help You Quit PMO For Good

Quit Porn

So you’ve read and implemented my advice about finding a replacement habit and using that to reprogram your habit cycle.  And it works, some of the time.  But it’s not foolproof, and it’s not easy. I’ve been studying and experimenting with habit change for some time now. I know what works well and what doesn’t. [...]

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