Reboot Success Story: “You Are A Human Being, Not An ‘Addict'”

“Commitment, Consistency and Method.”  In this reboot success story, Giuliano shares his thoughts on quitting porn. It’s a long, raw and challenging read, but I promise you if you stick with it there are plenty of ‘lightbulb moments’ that will change the way you think.

This story won 1st place in the 2015 Reboot Success Story Contest


This is going to long. I warned you. And it’s also going to be uncomfortable, even painful and scary. Hope is scary. And one of the main reasons people struggle with addiction is because they are scared of what’s inside themselves.

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Reboot Success Story: Learning To Use The Self Properly

Game Addict

In this reboot success story, Dominic shares how the “three-headed Hydra of sugar, video-games and porn” slowly destroyed his life — and his subsequent journey to reclaim it. This story won 2nd place in the 2015 Reboot Success Story Contest hosted by Reboot Blueprint. ## I have used porn since the very inception of my sexual awakening […]

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Reboot Success Story: 51 Years Old When I Discovered NoFap


In this inspiring reboot success story, Fercho shares how he woke up to how serious his porn addiction was, and the strategies that helped him overcome it.  This story won 3rd place in the 2015 Reboot Success Story Contest hosted by Reboot Blueprint. ### I am 51 years old. I started having fantasies with boys from school […]

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How Do I Know When I’m Back To Normal? (Rebooting from Porn-Induced ED)

Reboot Calmly

When you start your reboot, the two biggest questions you likely have are: “how long will my reboot take?” and “how will I know when I’m fixed?” The fact is that there is no rock-solid answer to this – at least not yet. That’s because each person’s experience is unique. Each person’s reboot starts off […]

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How To Quit Porn? Here Are 5 Videos To Get You Started

There’s plenty of great information out there to help you quit porn or overcome porn-induced ED, but it can get lost in the signal-to-noise ration of the web. So here’s a list of 5 videos with great info to help you. **Important Note: I recommend watching these videos on this page, as the suggested videos in […]

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Reboot Success Story Contest

amazon gift card

Do you have an inspiring reboot success story to tell and a talent for putting it into words? To celebrate 2 years since starting the website Reboot Blueprint, I’m giving away $175 in Amazon Gift Cards to the best reboot success stories. Entry Deadline:  September 15th, 2015 September 30th, 2015 First prize: $100 Amazon gift card […]

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How Identifying Your Triggers Can Help You Overcome Your Porn Addiction


Recently I wrote a guest post for Your Brain on Porn about 5 habits to avoid so you don’t relapse. As I was writing, I realized one of the biggest problems with overcoming a PMO addiction (or any addiction for that matter) is that people have difficulty recognizing their triggers. Triggers are to addiction what […]

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A Hypnotherapist Shares His 3 Best Tips For Overcoming Performance Anxiety


This week I’ve got another great guest post, this time from Mark Tyrrell, a hypnotherapist since 1995 and co-founder of In this article Mark talks about three things you can do right now to help get rid of performance anxiety. ## Sex can feel like a threat. Even the prospect that it might happen […]

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50 Reasons To Quit Porn For Good

You Get Stronger

I once read an article on why porn is great for your relationship…  While that’s a nice fantasy, the reality is quite the opposite! And if you’re reading this article, you have likely discovered that not only is porn possibly harming your relationship, it’s terrible for your self-esteem too. I’ve got 50 good reasons for […]

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