3 Research-Backed Tips to Control Sexual Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety Research

You may have experienced unwanted thoughts popping into your head when things start to get sexual:

“What if I don’t get an erection?”
“What if I’m not good and she tells her friends?”
“She’s probably been with guys that are bigger and better than me.”
“What if I go soft when I go to put the condom on?”

Well, you’re not the only one. Most guys will experience performance anxiety at some point in their lives.

So how do we STOP these thoughts from running havoc on our sex lives?  For starters, it helps to learn about the brain and the factors that can compound sexual anxiety. Continue Reading

The Most Important Tool For Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety

performance anxiety

I get a lot of emails asking about how I overcame sexual performance anxiety. And I’ve found a few tried and true strategies that have helped guys that I’ve been coaching , so I want to share them. First off, let’s figure out if it’s actually performance anxiety that we’re dealing with. How do I know […]

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Kegel Excercises For Men: Benefits, Tips and How To Do Them

I'll bet this guy has mad kegels

When you hear the word Kegels, you might think “aren’t they those exercises for women?”. True, this simple little exercise has saved many women from reversing unwanted stretching and urinary issues after giving birth. What you may not know is that Kegels are not just beneficial for women; the exercise can do wonders for men too.

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Porn And Infidelity – Is There A Link?


This is a guest post by Helen, a former healthcare worker who now writes about relationships, gender issues and health. ## With the growth in and increasing availability of online pornography, many people are starting to think more deeply about the issues associated with it. Within Europe, the debate tends to focus upon the psychological effects use […]

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I Found Out My Husband (Boyfriend) Is Addicted To Porn: What To Do Next

Husband Addicted to porn

(This post was written by Sarah, who writes on women’s issues surrounding porn addiction and relationships.) Addiction is never easy to deal with – let alone one as misunderstood as a porn addiction. Despite the evidence that porn can become an addiction for some people, the majority of people out there still don’t recognize that […]

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Porn and Porn Induced ED: One Woman’s Perspective


I recently had a great conversation with a female friend of mine named Sarah, where I told her about this website and my problems with porn induced ED in the past. She was very open to talk about it, and after a long chat, suggested that she write an article about how she felt about […]

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How to Masturbate Correctly for Men, Part 2: Relax and Take it Slow

Masturbation tips for men

Recap from Part 1 In Part 1 of How To Masturbate Correctly, we looked at why the widespread availability of high-speed internet porn has been creating problems for young men. Namely, why the way most of us masturbate with porn leads to unrealistic expectations, negative self-talk and performance anxiety. In other words, why the way […]

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Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction: A Complete Guide


A growing 21st century problem for many young men Porn-induced ED is no longer a myth. People all over the world are starting to realize just how toxic a porn addiction can be and it’s hitting a certain group of men harder than others. It’s no joke: porn induced sexual dysfunction is on the rise […]

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Covenant Eyes Review: The Best Internet Porn Filtering Software or Waste of Money?

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First Things First: Do I Even Need A Porn Website Blocker? Over the past few years running this site, I’ve received thousands of emails and blog comments from guys who are still struggling with porn addiction, as well as hundreds who have managed to overcome it and completely turn around their life. What’s the difference […]

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